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welcome to Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance (FAAMR)

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global threat due to its association with increased morbidity, mortality, and health care costs.

Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance (FAAMR) is an organization that seeks to halt the spread of antimicrobial resistance in communities by increasing awareness through education.


To establish a society that is free from resistant bugs


To build a society that will join in the fight against antimicrobial resistance by increasing knowledge and awareness of antimicrobial resistance through education and training

How does AMR spread?

Many people think that AMR is primarily caused by overuse of antimicrobial drugs, but environmental factors may cause the spread of AMR even more than the use of antimicrobials, especially in developing nations with limited access to clean water, poor sanitation and rudimentary waste management.


Fight Against Antimicrobial Resistance (FAAMR) annual competition

This competition encourages medical students to join in the fight against antimicrobial resistance. As students go through medical school, they become aware of opportunities that they can grasp to develop into tools to solve community problems. By being on the wards, they interact almost every day with patients and attendants from various communities. This is an opportunity for the students to educate the community on different health topics including AMR.



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