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A Transitional Shelter

A Transitional Shelter

Expected to commence February-2022, the home will be a transitional dwelling

place for “only critically” vulnerable children between the ages of 5-16. The home will have a full time foster parent living onsite and will be supported by professional and support staff. The foster parent and professional staff will each have a combination of education and experience in the field of social work and/or a related social science field and will adhere to all local and national standards of practice.

The dwelling place will be designed/renovated to meet government standards as set out in legislation “The Children’s Act” and “The Children (approved Homes) rules”. Physical structures that promote safe and gender appropriate space will be put in place to allow for the accommodation of both male and female residents. The process and criteria for admitting children for short-term residential group care will be very clearly defined and developed. Children admitted into residential care will be considered following consultation with the Probation and Social Welfare Officer in the region and only after all other family based options have been explored and exhausted.

Maliba Grace Orphans Charity Fund will continually consult with the community to assess the areas of greatest need. At strategic points, both before and after the opening of the transitional residential home, the organisation will review service needs in the community and will modify programming in response to those findings.